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Training programme


The Network’s Training Programme has three main parts:

  • Project-specific (PhD) training,
  • Network-specific (complementary) training, and
  • International (Network-independent) training

Every ESR in the Network will enter a high quality PhD programme at one of the Partner Universities. This will consist of a laboratory-based research project combined with lectures and seminars. The Bologna process has greatly increased the uniformity of PhD requirements across Europe especially in major research led universities such as those in the Network. Consequently, the obligatory lectures a doctoral student is required to take are
comparable at the Partner Universities (and are described on their websites) whereas the optional courses vary according to local profiles.

Name/Type of activitiy Responsible Duration Location
Locally based PhD courses PI 36 Host university
Lab based research training PI 36 Host lab
PhD Symposia / Local Science Day Host university
Network Based Training / Courses and Workshops for generic skills Responsible Month Location
Workshop#1 / Systems biology VUA 25.-26.10.2011 Amsterdam
Workshop#2 / Microarray technology UNIFI 28.-30.03.2012 Florence
Workshop#3 / Laser Micro-Dissection UNIFI 23.-25.10.2013 Florence
Workshop#4 / Histopathology Astra Zeneca 9.-11.12.2013 Macclesfield
Workshop#5 / Animal welfare and ethics CU 31.10.-01.11.2011 Cardiff
Course#2 / Basics of preclinical drug safety testing Astra Zeneca 9.-11.12.2013 Macclesfield
Course#3 / Pre-/clinical trials / ethics Amgen


Course#4 / Genotyping, predictive testing, reporting and genetic counselling MUW 26.11.2012 Vienna
Courses on complementary skills Responsible Month Location
Workshop#7 / Management Systems AHT-M Nov.-Dec. 2013 online, Macclesfield
Course#5 / Quality and risk management in the routine diagnostic laboratory MUW 26.11.2012 Vienna
Workshop#8 / Conference Skills, reflection / discussion MUW / FHJ June - Sep. 2012 Barcelona, Toulouse, online
eLearning: online-courses Responsible Month Location
Course#1 e-Moderation course (based on Gilly Salmon´s concept) FHJ March 2011, July 2011 online
Workshop#6 / scientific & proposal writing; presentation skills, project management, IPR issues online CU / FHJ Aug. - Sep. 2014 online
Course#7 b / Management Systems AHT-M Nov. - Dec. 2014 online & f2f
Journal Club; critical reading & discussion of papers All PI on-going online
Secondments to Network Laboratories Responsible Month Location
Visiting Scientist A. Conigrave MUW 9-12/32 Vienna
Visiting Scientist E. Brown UPJV 30-32/46 Amiens
Secondments UPJV / AZ 6-40 Network Labs

Multifaceted CaSR is a Marie Curie Action
funded by the European Commission
under the 7th Framework Programme

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