Multifaceted Casr

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The scientists involved in the Multifaceted CaSR Project will examine the role of one single molecule in many different tissues (e.g. kidney, intestine, blood vessels) and pathologies (cancer and vascular calcification). The scientific challenge in studying CaSR-dependent signalling is to dissect the relevant metabolic regulatory factors controlling CaSR activation in health and disease and link them to specific signalling pathways.

The “Multifaceted CaSR” ITN has three main scientific objectives:

  • To define the contribution that CaSR signalling makes to cell proliferation/differentiation in colon, parathyroid, and breast cells and its impact on tumourigenesis
  • To characterize the functional role of the CaSR in vascular calcification
  • To identify and model major signalling routes and controlling proteins for a CaSR-dependent signal transduction

Multifaceted CaSR is a Marie Curie Action
funded by the European Commission
under the 7th Framework Programme

Official Sponsors of the 1st CaSR Symposium

Sponsors of the first CaSR Symposium





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